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Here I review albums, mostly albums I like that are ancient history by internet standards.

Apollo 18 - They Might Be Giants

Apollo 18 is an album released by They Might Be Giants in 1992.

The album itself is named after the cancelled (is that what it was called?) Apollo 18 mission, the album cover (look to your left) ties into this.

The best way I can describe listening to this album, or really any album by TMBG, is "Wow this beat is catchy- wait is the guy singing this ok? These lyrics are kind of depressing...". Now, I don't say this in a negative way, quite the contrary, I say it in the most loving way.

My personal favourite songs from this album are "I, palindrome I", "If I wasn't shy" and "Which describes how you're feeling". Now, this is not to say I don't absolutely love nearly every song on this album, but I have to pick the top 3 so here we are.

Honestly it's impossible for me to hate a They Might Be Giants song, every thing they make just sounds so darn good to me! That being said, "The statue got me high", "Fingertips" and "Spider" just don't resonate with me the same way the rest of the tracks on this album do. "The statue got me high" is ok, I don't have anything against it, but there are just so many better songs. "Fingertips" is too strange for me, I know, I know, TMBG are weird guys, they make weird music for weird people like me, but this just a bunch of demos mashed together! "Spider" is an interlude in my opinion but I couldn't help but include it as I just cannot stand it.

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