Corporal Adrian Shephard's shrine.

Corporal Adrian Shephard (also known as THE best goldSRC character) is the protagost of Half Life: Opposing Force, a spin off of Half Life, which expands the universe and shows the main events from the eyes of another character in a completely different sittuation. During the events of the game he is 22 years old.

He was assigned to the Hazardous Enviroment Combat Unit (commonly referred to as HECU) and sent to the Black Mesa Research Facility on May 16th 200- (exact year is never confirmed).

During the start of his nightmare Adrian is separated from the rest of his unit. He is saved by one of the scientists, who is unaware of who exactly the HECU was sent to destroy. Fortunately for the scientists of Black Mesa, neither do the HECU. During the events of the game Cpl Shephard witnesses horrors beyond his comprehention such as Headcrabs! The pit worm! and who could forget the oh so lovable Vortigore! (images coming soon)

As he attempts to get the hell out of the facility Adrian noticies a familiar face lurking in various places, over and over, a civilian he had seen stalking the military base in Arizona were he trained before being sent. At the end of his 'quest' said civilian reveals himself, explaining to the Corporal that though he respects his ablity to adapt and survive against all odds, he must detain him in the void.

Adrian's status is listed at "evaluation terminated" and his postmortem message reads "subject attempted to create temporal paradox".

Adrian Shephard was not only forgotten and left to rot by the games "antagonist", the G-man, but also by his creators, Valve. He has not made an apperance in any other game.

Rest in peace my sweet boy.

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